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Kat Gaffney, a native of Greensboro, North Carolina is an up and coming singer/songwriter based out of New York City. She writes both Country and Christian music, with her debut Christian EP releasing May 3 and an upcoming Country EP with a release date to be announced.

A storyteller by nature, Kat grew up creating stories and songs that she would perform for her stuffed animals. This led her parents to enroll her in acting classes, which eventually led to her studying musical theatre at Coastal Carolina University. However, after graduation and moving to New York City, she quickly realized that her passion was not to share stories already written, but her own story.

Kat grew up listening to Country, Christian worship, Southern Soul, and musical theatre and her musical style is a unique fusion of all of those styles. According to Kat, what really excites her about writing and performing her own music is that ‘’there’s no boundary to where this can go. I get to tell my own story and every song that I write is another chapter. I love being able to take stories from my life and create songs that people can relate to and enjoy singing along to. I hear music in everything and firmly believe that songs are everywhere, you just have to ‘catch’ the right one at the right time and when you do it’s magic.”

Kat’s debut EP Song in the Night is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.


upcoming shows


Kat can be found leading worship every Sunday at Epiphany Church NYC (334 E 20th St) at 5 pm.

Be sure to check back for more shows coming up soon!

News & Updates


Kat is currently working on writing new songs and recording some upcoming Country singles. She is also leading worship at Epiphany church weekly on Sundays at 5pm EST (livestream the service here) at 220 E 20th St, New York 10009.

Check back soon for an exciting announcement! (We’re talking new releases and upcoming shows!)


About my ep

This EP is for you - a reminder that you are not alone, you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, you are especially unique and designed with intention, love, and intricacy. You are not a mistake and you have a Creator who absolutely loves you - so much, in fact that He came to die on a cross and then rise again from the dead three days later. Y’all, if that ain’t reason to celebrate! But even more, He also gives us earthly gifts like relationships, good food, sunshine, and all of the other beautiful things of this life. He is a good, good Father.

I hope and pray and believe that this EP has the power to change lives, not because of me but because of Christ. He changes everything. My prayer for you and for this EP is that you would remember that you are not alone and you were made for a purpose. May we love and serve Him every day of our lives.

Much love,